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[EU & NA] Fashion Wars in Support of Tyria Pride 2024!

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Are you ready to show off your fashion?

Hey folks, June is almost here and we'd like to share a special event we've been preparing as a sort of warm up in support of Tyria Pride! If you're curious about Tyria Pride, check out the main post with details about the event, as well as what we're fundraising for and how.

But this post is about Fashion Wars, which will be happening over 5 weekend nights in the first part of June! Bring your creative fashions and show off your best looks to win prizes, dazzle onlookers and claim glory! Each night, representatives of one of the 5 racial capital cities will be showing off their best looks! Check below to see when you should bring your most ingenious Asura looks or when your most frosty Norn attire can get an outing!

This year's theme is:

It's a Kind of Magic!

This year we found out all about the wizards of the Astral Ward and the kryptis of Nayos, pure manifestations of magic and emotion. But don't let that limit your imagination! Tyria has other magic, old magic, that of the human gods, dragon magic, and more! From the mursaat to the Flame Legion and the foefire, magic is all around Tyria.

Showcase your magical looks, dress to impress, or amuse with your accoutrement, and maybe even win a prize!


How do I join?

This event will be held on both EU and NA, on the following weekend days:

Rata Sum: Asura | Saturday: June 1

Black Citadel: Charr | Sunday, June 2

Divinity's Reach: Human | Friday, June 7

Hoelbrak: Norn | Saturday, June 8

The Grove: Sylvari | Sunday, June 9

On all days, the time is the same, depending on whether you are on EU or NA:

  • EU time: 20:00 CEST [18:00 UTC]
  • NA time: 6 PM CDT [23:00 UTC]

Make sure to check the LFG for a taxi to the right map, as cities often have multiple instances at the same time.


Links & Contacts:

If you'd like to keep on top of all Tyria Pride related pre-events & news I highly recommend joining the Tyria Pride discord where we share tons of event info, plans, and more, and you can also follow events using the Discord event tool to get the times in your timezone!

In-game contact: Lelling.6795

NA lead for Fashion Wars contact: Kait Marlgoh.6982

You can also catch me live with any questions on Twitch: twitch.tv/lelling

Tyria Pride discord: tyriapride.com/discord

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