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Power Elementalists and Zakiros Relic

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Any of y'all test out Zakiros instead of Firework for the sustain increase?

Any of y'all noticing a sustain increase?

Figured I'd ask since I'm debating on it, just seems too tantalizing to not consider for self-sustain as the light armor + low HP squishy.

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Posted (edited)

It depends. Its basically a thief GM trait. And so it has the same issues. It does provide significant healing when you are doing loads of dps with 25 might, quick, alac, fury. But, the catch is that all of that is possible only in group content where there are healers/buffers in the group. And since there is a healer in the group he may aswell heal you instead. That relic is not free you know, you pay with your damage. 

As for OW solo builds, it sucks. Full zerk weaver cant sustain more than 15k dps (self buffs), so thats about 400-800 hp regen depending on the crits. Your mileage may wary on some OW builds that focus on boon stacking, but usually they dont have a problem with sustain (for example cele builds etc). 

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