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Praetorium Luna [LUNA] Membership Drive

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Hi, all!

Praetorium Luna is still looking for members!
We're slowly growing at a stress-free, comfortable pace, with the goal of reaching a critical mass.

We don't have any login, repping, or participation requirements.
We just want a nice space to play together with good, positive people.
We don't have a lot of managed activities. What we do have is mostly spontaneous and fun.

If you want a drama-free Guild experience with easy-going, casual players and the above speaks to you, then check us out.

We are an English-speaking, PVx Guild in NA calling Windswept Haven our home.
Let us welcome you into it.

Our Discord link is https://discord.gg/Za7J6PNUSa, or you can message me, Abryk.6058, in game.

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