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crafting luck takes too long

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The speed of crafting items is one of those minor annoyances I hope they would fix/improve.  I can't really see the slow crafting right now have any real effect on prices/gameplay - crafting is done in towns where it is safe, so you can just just set the thing to craft and go do something else for 5 minutes while it does that crafting.

But I'd personally rather be playing content for that 5 minutes.  At one point, they did speed up some slow crafting recipes, but I think luck crafts at maximum speed, which isn't very fast if you are crafting stacks of it.  Having a craft in bulk, or perhaps a merchant where you could exchange  low tier luck for high tier would work.

It would also be nice if luck went into material storage, since it is now used for crafting many more items, and it is somewhat annoying moving luck around to the right character (one with artificer crafting) when receiving luck, or salvaging items.


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If you think luck is slow, you should try with 250 Crystalline Ingot or 250 Fulgurite and 1 billion wood and mithril you need for the freakin' gen 2 legendaries... 
But yea, I agree, as the others, that they should do something about it... 

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