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[WvW Suggestion] - Add Sub-forum looking for Comm Guild/Alliance

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Before we get to 6/14 I think considerations might have value in adding a new section to WvW to allow groups to post for player openings, interests and requirements. Now I ask as a stubborn kitten that might just float roamer/havoc style but I think outside of map chat it might bring this conversation into the forums versus just third party sites to gain it more visibility. It might help all once servers are removed and dust settles. Food for thought. Make it part of the game versus relaying on outside resources.  2 cents.

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I consider this a great suggestion, and while we're at it let's send a notice to all WVW players of the account to the reverse on 14/06. We'll avoid a lot of next-day complaints. It would almost be like getting a clock on the monitor days : hours : minutes : seconds and seeing it tick. Also because it will be a historic day for this mode and for all the players who participate.

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