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Id rather have Engi fixed than a new bad weapon which gets nerfed anyways

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Turrets are in a bad spot, Builds are the same since forever, nothing new or refreshing, old stuff gets tuned down so the builds we have to play for 2 years feel weaker and weaker after every patch.

In my 250 PvP games this season i have seen roughly about 10 engineers. 
Pls Anet, look at the class discords and forums. People are not happy with engi right now. Fix it.

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Till theres is a engie main in developer team nothing will change. Shuffling dmg and cooldown modiers is cool ofc , but they need a person who understands engie deeper with some experience in all game modes. And I mean player who plays all elites not just scrapper or holo but also mech.

Anet make fun internal event. You all 3 take mecha in pvp, wvw, endgame pve content, play for at least 20 hours and make conclusions that way not only from excel spreadsheets or golem benchmarks. Its your job to know all classes after all.

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