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To preface this I understand that this will sound a little whiny but I hope it can also be used to help other people not make the same mistake that I did. 

I recently made the legendary weapon Eternity. I had made Twilight years ago and just recently finished Sunrise; I figured I would throw them together and then sell Eternity (it's nice but doesn't really fit my main character). Imagine my surprise when the mystic forge took my materials and gave me an automatically account bound Eternity. I understand now that the Memories of Twilight and Sunrise cause the resulting Eternity to be automatically added to the Armory to prevent selling it. In my defense, this is not how it's always been. In the past you could add the original legs to your wardrobe and then toss them in the forge and get a unbound Eternity to sell or bind as you wanted. After having been away for awhile, I assumed that nothing had changed. I was wrong and that was my mistake but the tool tips in game really don't provide much information on the matter. In my opinion the memory items should have a big red line of text saying CREATES BOUND LEGENDARY. The existing tool tip is vague enough that I assumed it was just poor word choice. 

Maybe everyone else already knows this and I'm the only one that never got the memo, but hopefully this will help at least one other person that was unaware. 


P.S. To any Anet devs that read this: I don't need a sellable Eternity, but I would love to just get my Sunrise back to sell. At least then it wouldn't be a complete waste of time. 


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