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Turning into WoW...

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This last fractal and meta had too much going on, but the most annoying part was the red on red on red circles and projectiles. 
GW2 does not have any accessibility for visually impaired folks as it is. I am not visually impaired myself, but all of these overlapping things make me wonder where to go at times and this is coming from someone that's not terrible at the game and has already tweaked the filters to make things more sharp and obvious.

WoW has always had this problem with telegraphing, putting purple on purple or red on red just because it "fits the theme". 
Please stop doing this immediately, do not go down this path. 

I have other complains about SOTO but frankly, THIS right here, could potentially impact all future content.

Thank you.

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I think this is more an encounter design issue than an accessibility issue. The game has always used red/orange aoes. I haven’t played the fractal yet, but the meta indeed has too much going on and the near constant waves of demon juice crossing the room are a large part of the problem (on top of the redness of the room itself). That said, changing the encounter would be a better fix than changing indicator colors.

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2 hours ago, gerberlyfe.9736 said:

Bad thread.

The problem isn't "muh ambiguous theoretical minorities that we must protect!"

The  problem is that the only danger in GW2 is ground pads.

I don't see other means to communicate danger/dmg in gw2 that would be much better. The UI and just general clarity is just really bad. Imagine you would have to keep track of specific player debuffs or effects on the character in all that lightshow. 

We have other indicators like on boss animations (look away eye for example) or on screen effects (which I hate but do work, not really used in open world) and even those are often hard to see with all the noise.

The game just needs much more visual clarity.

- Simple nameplates from WvW in PVE

- Ability to disable even more effects like other player legendaries and minis and players on mounts. Basically anything that shines, moves and is not part of the basic player model animation.

- Rework of boon/condi table frames.

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