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Is anyone there, Anet?


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Are you kidding?    The skill allows you to dodge and gives you over 2 seconds of evade time with the skills it provides you with while in moa form.   What brain dead dev thought of this as the kindest kitten ever Mesmer in the game?   Why didn’t engi moa get nerfed?   It’s kittening aoe!   Why do you hate this class cmc?    smol kitten move anet.   

  • Signet of Humility: This skill now requires a target. This skill can no longer be retargeted. This skill now displays an effect above its target's head. Reduced the duration from 6 seconds to 2 seconds in WvW only.
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whomever's been updating it doesn't understand broad Professions 💔reality of an aged game! we've various untrue Tooltip descriptions, weapons, abilities, & traits that which have been reported unfactual are approximately nerfed out of GW2 for many, many years, but thanks for noticing fam 🎪 life's a circus

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