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Question about Black Lion Instant Level 80 Ticket.


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If they removed all of the additional items they could probably bring the cost down significantly.

https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Level-80_BoostAccording to the wiki you get...

5 Teleport to friend2 goldCelebratory dye pack (Value of up to 220k, ~800 to1100 gems)Dye pack (~160 gems)Mystic Salvage kit (~135 gems)A bunch of assorted other items (worth ~3g) plus a full set of exotic armor and a few waypoints unlocked.

Now I realize you can't turn most of this into liquid gold, but it certainly has an impact on the cost of the boost. 2000 sounds very expensive to me, but 200-400 gems would be outrageously low given the items included. If they removed the items I'd expect it to be around 800-1000 gems.

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