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Evolving enemies in new expansion?

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Hope new expansion introduces new kind of enemies tha tevolve interms of its behavior or abilities



notice the dredge miners which are yellow named (neutral) .. if we kill a dredge enemy with a rifle, the neutral dredge will run to teh dead body and picksup teh weapon and starts shooting at us


Imagine the mobs in new expansion does something like eating the dead mobs nearby and evolving in either ranks like .... normal to elite to veteran to champion to legendary

or evolving in their appearance and abilities

or absorbing nearby dead mobs magic and gains the dead enemy's skills and uses both skills to attack us


that would be so interesting

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In beta mobs would move out of AOE damage and make space if its getting hit too hard.   Players literally lost their minds and cried enemies were too hard to kill.   

Feral mordrem had too much CC spam and cited as impossible to kill. Humanoid mordrem worked in groups, and were basically cheating with evasion and AOE CC.  

That was the old player base from 2015ish. The current playerbase has triple the passive DPS and 5 times the burst DPS, and still think POF mobs are one shot deaths.  

Given they can barely handle mobs we’ve known how to fight for years, an enemy that changes strategy over time will become an impassable wall of difficulty. 

I still remember the OG Fire elemental in Metrica.  So many dead bodies that never learned to dodge.  It took a true war of attrition, waves of respawning players to finally kill it. 

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I think, what makes players complain about the mob difficulty is how much healthpool they have and how often they can spam a cc skill. Or how often they can repeat the annoying skill like evade, break target, go invuln.. mobs should have longer cooldowns on those skills.

Low level enemies should not have these unique mechanics coz they usually swarm the players and spawn often... But

If veteran enemies have these cool mechanics, players will like it... You won't see 10 Veteran enemies spawning in a single spot, so they can't overwhelm the players with spamming cc or evades or new mechanic. Veteran enemies are usually isolated in parts of map . Even for meta events, for every 20 low level mobs, we see only 1 or 2 veterans, so it's totally okay to let veteran enemies to have their cool mechanics.

Other than that, if mobs have their own cool mechanic, players will actually spend more time exploring open world

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So in short….  they want mobs that sit there and tack it, but also have to die at exactly the time to mess with their ADD.   Pretend to be a threat without actually being a threat.   You made no mention of champs or elites  

You give open world players more credit then they deserve. They are the only demographic among the player base to go up to 2 years without knowing theres a dodge mechanic. 

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