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So I can build a castle, right?

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1 minute ago, Pifil.5193 said:

From the looks of it you get a house that you can decorate. I don't think you'll be able to create buildings from scratch.

Yeah I figured as much. I still want a castle though.

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2 minutes ago, Shade.8971 said:

Looks like a cabin. Hopefully different biomes/styles later on.

Yeah I imagine they will be able to expand on that later, which is why I'm asking for a castle now ๐Ÿ˜„

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Posted (edited)

Unless they reveal more it seems like you just get a norn hut being able to grind (mats, grindy achievements and/or the raid) to put some furniture into it. I stronly hope we will get to add all services (yes including the trading post - using the scribe station and cooking station in guild hall and home instance worked for the bank access but they tried to avoid the trading post so far) ...

and it is a must that they announce that you can change the styles to at least one for each race. (I play human male engineer as a main and I't prefer to build an asuran-themed house.) That should be available early - not just with later updates. They still have a few months. ๐Ÿ˜„

Edit: A LOT of quests (tracked by achievements of course) tied in with the core + older expansions (would make players that only buy the 5th one make buy them) and living world (maps) would be fun - to unlock stuff. Then it would be fun. Not just grind + gating stuff behind raids. A racial capityl city NPC giving tasks to unlock the house base style for that race. And special decoration and things - tied to older maps. (Wizard's tower stuff from the SotO for example.)

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46 minutes ago, RoseofGilead.8907 said:

I like that one of the first decorations shown in the trailer is that portrait of Logan. I guess the Commander is going for the Caudecus decor style.

Hey, I have one of those in my Guild Hall tavern! ๐Ÿ˜

For real, though, I am not particularly excited about Homesteads. I already have a full GH to myself, fully decorated with a lot of love and time invested. Why should I care for a mini GH?

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