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Legendary spear clarification

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20 hours ago, hugeboss.5432 said:

At a recent Revenant Philosophy Study Group, we talked about the case of the "revenant with a classic blindfold", whom doesn't actually know if they are standing on land or in water.. but still wants to thrust the weapon he is holding anyway. Does he have to wait for divine intervention before performing the actual thrust?  😄


This sounds like the Tyrian version of Schroddinger's Cat. - especially if the Revenant in question is a Charr.  😄


6 hours ago, Ashantara.8731 said:

And my dream of dual-wielding spears died a stabby death. 😞

Now, important question - should I focus on getting the current lege spear before the xpac launch, or on getting some lege armor? I currently don't have even a single piece Astral Ward unlocked, & I've enough gold to get about 1/4 (or a bit more) of the way to buying all the mats for the lege.

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