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Legendary Vinetooth Prime Event Bug?

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I wanted to kill this for the mastery point, and I did the event chain for the 3 Eastwatch Pylons as per the Wiki.


The Legendary boss then spawned for about 10 seconds, but it was invlunerable the entire time.

It ran off down towards the Vinetooth Den (away from last pylon, down the tunnel) and then disapered. 

Any ideas what happened here?

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Hii,Yes its supposed to do that. after it disappear, it will jump down from roof and appear in the middle of arena it will be ready to fight and you have about 12 minute to beat it . keep in mind this boss need people and has timer on it . so make sure you gather people on map chat. recommended with atleast 5 people or more . and it has deadly mechanic that it can take people soul to get stronger. so make sure to revive or Crow Control the Vinetooth when the cc bar appear.

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