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Suggestion: make the Spellbreaker trait "Sun and Moon Style" also apply to Spears.

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Sun and Moon Style

Gain bonuses for each Dagger you equip:
Main hand—Strike damage is increased versus foes with no boons.
Off Hand—Heal for a percent of your outgoing Critical Damage.

In lore the Sunspears broke the heads off their spears and used them as makeshift daggers to become the first Spellbreakers. Since the elite spec has such strong ties to the Sunspears, it would make sense if it would inherently synergize with spears. Either make Spears grant you both effects, or add an entire separate effect for Spears specifically.

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On 6/10/2024 at 10:13 PM, draxynnic.3719 said:

It's a good idea from a thematic perspective. The main block I can see is that spear already has a trait (Forceful Greatsword also applies to spears...), so they might well consider that to be enough.

I was just thinking that trait will go well with land spear. IF Anet actually codes it properly.

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