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Warrior spear idea 300iq


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Ranged weapon. Auto attack applies confusion.

Why? Because anyone would be confused if warrior got a useful weapon.



R.I.P. the class that's supposed to have the most viable weapon variety 🫡

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Posted (edited)

Auto Attack will be three pool noodle slaps.

#2 will be a vertical pool noodle slap hitting up to three targets.

#3 will be a 600 range throw with a three second cripple.

#4 will be the version of Rush we had until this year's "fix".

#5 will be a 450 units AoE knockback for up to three enemies within 130 range.

Burst will be like Earthshaker, but will be single target and no stun. This will tick the "A spear skill reminiscent of an old fan favorite" box they listed.

Warrior getting something along these lines is the most probable outcome I can imagine.

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