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A Guide to Hybrid (Shattered Aegis) Firebrand for World vs. World Groups

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Celestial, Shattered Aegis, Hybrid, whatever you want to call it, this style of build for Firebrands is one of the pillars of the Celestial-based support core of Firebrand / Renegade / Scourge that some organized groups are starting to run in World vs. World. In this video, I break down the basics of the profession, how to play it effectively, what its roles are within a squad, and some of the specific skill combos available to you. At the end of the video, I also cover how to fit it into a squad, and when to use it, as it's not as straightforward as replacing a typical Minstrel Firebrand with this style of build.

Questions, comments, and other feedback always welcomed.


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This video would probably get a lot more interaction being posted in the WvW forum. The Community Creations forum is more for people making art, guildhall decorating, and writing based upon the lore.

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5 hours ago, Gahagan.4302 said:

I agree -- I could have sworn that's where I posted it originally. Do admins move posts sometimes?

Sadly yes, the Forum Moderators do move posts, often times incorrectly.

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