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(Weekly) Tower Guardian achievement is a complete mess.

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Getting credit for a tower defense for the weekly Tower Guardian achievement is a master's lesson in frustration. 
All of the Red Desert BL towers have issues related to their size and the lack of guards patrolling them. No guard to get aggro'd then no defense event participate in. For example the SW tower by the back door sally port has no guards. A group of 30 can knock down that wall and die trying to push in but no defender will get credit for a tower defense. Klovan on EBG is a complete mess. You can kill a zerg on the Tower Lord without getting credit. The whole tower projection with the Lord seems to be outside the Tower Guardian achievement area, though this is far from the only problem area on this tower. These are not the only towers with issues just some highlights.
At the very least the Tower Guardian achievement area should match the radius of the tower defense event. This would still leave issues with wiping zergs with 5 catapults at max range taking down tower walls...

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