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Necromancer Casters who feed on life force and commune with death.


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You will commune with all your other dead necromancers that litter the field. Because it is terrible in WvW without support. I have no issues in PvP playing necro, but in WvW, I get dumpstered when in melee, unless im hiding behind someone taking the first hits. Necro is the follow up character. The character that can help support your group with terrible boon rips, and mediocre barrier. Don't forget to transfuse everyone into that red wall of death. Which is tied to your FEAR. Should you fear, or save the dying people. Only if you commune with the dead will you know. Because you will surely join them soon.

Commune with death. LOL!

I can't wait for the extra soul shard mechanics ill have to bash my head on to do damage. As if doing damage was hard enough. Couldn't we get some 1200 range teleports, then follow up skills after that? You know, make for some surprise mechanics on necro. Get them in range, to fear, and chill, and cc, or breach. How bout a teleport, then activate to chill, or activate to torment, or activate to fear. How about a longer fear duration, because when thief steals out fear, they get a longer baseline fear. The only time we get decent fear is when were laying on the ground dying. A whopping 4 seconds, which will get auto cleansed anyways.

You want necro to be melee? Give me some Aegis, give me some other protections, give me some invulnerability. How about some invulnerability where a ghost pops out and does his buisness on my opponents head and causes poison/torment/bleeding. XD


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4 hours ago, Lahmia.2193 said:

Necro has its place in the meta, both group and solo wvw content and Cele Harbinger is one of the best roaming specs currently. 

This tbh, 

necro can’t do everything sure, but no 1 class should each class does things in their own way realistically. Giving necromancer high mobility all of a sudden will likely just make the class overpowered. 

the class is balanced on having lower mobility.

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