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Condi axe thief


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47 minutes ago, Leafstorm.1349 said:

Why does this exist? Why do I get condi bombed from stealth? Very unhealthy. 


JenPlays would agree with you.
Here is a version in WvW



'Condi Deadeye A/D 44,8k w/ Allies + 40,8k Solo'-



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10 minutes ago, Azure The Heartless.3261 said:

Its also the king of escapes in wvw specifically, which is also extremely funny.

Hah, on a side thing, I would litterally throw games just to follow the enemy DH and surround him with axes all game, not kill him, but just keep him on the edge "just kittening send them already". They hurt me that bad ;[

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13 minutes ago, felincyriac.5981 said:

how do you even know when the axes are about to hit you? whats the tell?

For axe pistol, the tell is the thief raising their hand. The animation looks like a conductor telling the orchestra to rest.

For axe dagger, the tell is the thief porting to you.

If the thief is in stealth its a bit harder. You need to watch the axes and move out of range of the closest one to you. 

If youre in range of axes, you can hear them spinning (axe dagger currently has a bug that makes them range indiscriminate).


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