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How do you guys deal with 'focus necro' syndrome in PvP?

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I am a multi-class player in PvP and necro used to be my second favorite class but god, for last few years playing necro feels like walking with a giant kick me sign me on my back. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying necro is weak or anything. It's just so frustrating to always have at least 3 people chasing me around. I play other classes too and difference is like night and day. When I play mesmer for example, people usually don't even bother trying to hit me. I can't play power reaper anymore just because of this. I spend more time running away than hitting, ending up with least damage dealt. I doubt I am the only one who has to deal with this problem (I too focus enemy necro lol) so I wonder, how do you guys do it?

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I don't know how well it translates to PvP, but Corrosive Poison Cloud has done wonders for me in WvW.

Usually, for PvP, the answer on Reaper is Spectral Armor + shroud to survive burst.  Flesh Wurm to get out of the damage.  I don't know how well that still holds up, though.

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I quit necro in competitive for exactly that reason. Now am a happy warrior support main (in pvp).
That being said that was some time ago, now things are different. There are quite a few avenues for you to win as a reaper:

  1. Get yourself a warrior support duo.
    One good banner of tactics = you become a murder machine.
    They can't kite you, they can't cc you, they can't blind you.
    Heck, staff 3 on warrior gives you 3 unblockable stacks.
    Imagine using that with Spectral Grasp, Chilled to the Bone! or Terrify.
  2. Go side node.
    As long as there's no SB camping that thing, you can get an easy decap.
    With mainhand sword, necro is no longer immobile.
    Two 900 range dashes  + Death's Charge aren't bad at all.
    And with spectral ring you can keep enemies out even if they chase you.
    Long enough to  score a decap at the very least, which will be more points lost to them than they get by killing you.
  3. Position more carefully.
    If you're with competent teammates, enemies can't just dogpile you.
    As long as you're near them, the moment enemies jump you, your team jumps them.
    CPC does wonders here since it denies enemies ranged snipes and anyone who jumps you will eat weakness.
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Stay behind your allies at the beginning of the fight so that the opposing players have to pass them and eat their damage to reach you.

When you get focused:

  • Spectral Armor + Shroud on Core Necro and Reaper
  • Elite Elixier on Harbinger
  • Barrier spam on Scourge

In general:

  • If you run around like a headless chicken so that you team can't apply damage to the players focusing you: It's your fault.
  • If your team doesn't bother to counterpressure the players focusing you: Your team sucks. If this happens in several matches in a row I would switch to a high mobility build (MH-Sword + Wurm + Spectral Walk + Speed Relic), which might be less effective, but better for your mental health at the end of the day.
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