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Budget Laptop For Best Ultimate WvW FPS???

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I want to buy a windows laptop, that can play WvW 60-100 FPS in Ultimate setting.

I am looking for the best price/quality but I would lean towards budget over fps experience.

I want to know what laptop (if you have) are you using, what is your epxerience with it and what would you recommend me to buy.

I am looking something around $1000-$1200 budget, not sure if it's a mirage my desire, but I want a reality check from you guys!

Thanks in advance!


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I have a PC for over 1k and I can't put it on ultra in WvW when there are big squads fighting. For all other content I have max settings. Budget and max settings are two opposites. I would suggest you buy a PC instead of a laptop but if you insist with it and your price range, you will definitely need to lower your settings in WvW. 

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