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Necromancer audio bug with pistol.

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So, correct me if im wrong but i think that the sound with the pistol is bugged for the necromancer.

Without reason, in combat, even outside of shroud and without blight a lot of sounds get muffled (like in shroud form) for the weapon and half the pistol sounds don`t even work (like 2 sound cutting itself in the middle of the animation) or with the autoattack, starting with the second bullet you shoot to an enemy the gun start to being so muffled that you don`t hear it.

Outside of combat i don`t see this problem. 

Edit: I have find that this only happen using the pistol before entering shroud (harbinger one at least) for the first time in a fight, the moment you exit it, the sound of the pistol fix itself. Probably any necro reading this can check and confirm this too.

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