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After some period of game play, certain letters stop working in chat and text boxes.

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I've only noticed it with lower cases, like specifically c, h, and /.  I haven't checked to see if there are others, but they all seem to fail at the same time.  I'm honestly not seeing me commanding anything with this issue as a possibility.  btw, no other game has this issue, and reloading the game fixes it temporarily.  I have a sneaky suspicion that clicking the on-screen skills might be something that causes it, given I haven't seen a lot of other people reporting it.  Unfortunately, I have very few keybinds I can use due to short fingers, and all of those are taken up by things like call target, take target, and other non-skill functions.  I only know that this bug is from the last year and a quarter, given I have been gone from the game for that long and I had no problem like this b4 I left and I'd been playing the game since b4 launch.  I do know that the game treats keybinds and clicked skills differently, as if you have dodge bound to shift, shift and clicking a skill at the same time results in spamming the skill in chat, but using a keybind for the skill while hitting shift does not.  Honestly, I wish the shift weren't hard-coded as a chatlink that way and I wish there was a way to disable the on-screen dodge bar (that dodge bar did not exist at game launch, btw).  Anyway, if anyone has any ideas on how to remedy some chat letters failing (btw, it's always the same ones, so far as I can tell) other than don't click on the on-screen skills, please do tell.

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