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Serious concern with upcoming "buffs" to warrior.


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Overall, they look great. Especially having a heal on staff auto instead of over-capping regen... on berserker. However, the already shaky alac heal bladesworn will lose its main source of regen and will no longer be able to provide 100% regen to subgroup.

Only real fix is to put alac on spellbreaker lol.


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If it’s to divert people away, that’s a real bummer. I much prefer ahealbladesworn to qheal berserker. We have Banner of Defense but I don’t think that’s quite enough regen to cover it? Basically I don’t know why they couldn’t just leave it. All the other support changes are great but regen is one of THE healer boons, having tons of easy ways to keep it up is not a bad thing. 

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Auto correct changed qheal to “wheat”. I am mostly confident that wheatberzerker is not a thing.
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I believe one the reasons blade sworn is being continually neutered is it's ability to reach out and touch with it's range ability. That's competitive mode influencing all other modes. The other warrior power modes hardly gets a peep nowadays, a few months ago warrior was a pariah recieving constant criticism for being too this and too that. Maybe it's due to wvw participation decrease, idk but it sure is quiet on that block now. One good thing is I'm starting to see more warriors in pve doing their thing and tearing things up.

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