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Kamohoali'i Kotaki III: Carcharias - need help

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Sunken Anchor

This is the 3rd  collection for the legendary spear (gen 1) - looking for an item called "sunken anchor"

Anyone have a clue exactly where these are suppose to drop? i realize a million people are doing the collection now, but for reference, i'm not even sure i'm looking in the right spots. (I'll upload pics in a bit) but i'm not even sure what it looks like. Yes an anchor, but is it highlighted in yellow? is it glowing? or dull? the only bundles i've seen are driftwood, conch and sometmes starfish in those areas mentioned on the wiki. NEVER an anchor. there aren't even any pics to get an idea of what it is i'm looking for. I was just on a closing map all the way down to 1 second and never found any anchors. (the map seemed pretty dead around 20 mins left too btw)


https://imgur.com/bSFk87mhttps://imgur.com/bSFk87m Slightly southwest of Thunderhead Waypoint — [&BPACAAA=].

https://imgur.com/l1fU0ED North of Dire Shoal Waypoint — [&BOUGAAA=] on the top deck of the Ship of Sorrows.

https://imgur.com/nYhTlnQ Southeast of the Royal Forum Waypoint — [&BPMCAAA=], almost exactly south and east between the nearby Hero Challenges.

I'm not even sure if i'm close to where i need to be looking



Welp this is a huge waste of time. about 2.5 hours to find 1 of these. I know others found them sooner according to map chat, but uhhgs. mainly i wasn't sure i was even close to the right areas, but looks its just a long spawn and everyone and there mother is looking for them now. Definitely if you see a bundle (driftwood, conch, starfish) pick it up and drop it to force a faster respawn. What I found on this spot was that the Conch spawned twice and took forever to spawn about 20 mins and the starfish spawned 10-20 times before 1 anchor spawned in this location. (I don' t know if i was unlucky or this was normal, you might experience it differently, but i hope this info helps you.)

htt ps://imgur.com/lhKVkhS (it was kinda half buried in the ground)

before this i wasted an hour over at the ship of Sorrows only finding driftwood bundles and moving around between spots which on a busy map, maybe you shouldn't do, but ya knwo what ever works for you. Now what is the next stumbling block in this collection, let's see...


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found it
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I guess I was just lucky to find it very quickly. I didn't even realize that the anchor could spawn at various locations. I just went into the structure directly adjacent to the waypoint, swam to the bottom and found it. 🤷‍♂️

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This should be a "deterministic" aka always in one and only one spot thing.  I've spent more time on this part than the rest of the whole weapon combined.  It's random and if you have bad "luck" you may never actually get it.  Not good gameplay design at all, and it doesn't scale well when lots of ppl are looking for it, since it seems to disappear and reappear every time someone gets it.

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