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Power Renegade Gs, Help.


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Hi wanted to know if there is build that I can take into fractals, strikes and raids that uses power renegade with Gs. I just dont like meta builds, I dont need to do crazy dps just enough so that i can take it into raid or other mods and not be draging my team down ( just bc I want to have fun I dont want to take fun away from others)

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  • Asek.1869 changed the title to Power Renegade Gs, Help.

Probably something like this could work: http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PmwAExzltQMsNyjpRdsMijNSkMDigJzl6rD-DSIYRUzfGtpCqQKIzzCAA-e

GS skill priority: 3 to gap close at start of the fight but otherwise 5 > 3 > 2. 

Dual Swords skill priority: 5 > 4 > 2 

Gameplay should be roughly:

Shiro: Impossible Odds, going through the rotations, then Legend swap the moment you get to 10% or less Energy. You can use Heroic Command to force your Energy below threshold before swapping, giving your Kalla 75 energy. This is important. 

Kalla: With 75 Energy, you will use Elite first > Icerazor > Darkrazor > Razorclaw for large cleaving damage. Turn off Elite so you start regenerating Energy again. Go through your rotations but be mindful to keep Energy at 10% or less before swapping back into Shiro. 

This is great for Fractal mobbing and for grouped up enemies but terrible against enemies that move because Kalla's stuff takes time to throw down and you cannot afford enemies running all over the place. 


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