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Just got to level 80 Renegade, which elite should I unlock first?


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22 hours ago, Hurdoc.1634 said:

 Playing revenant for the first time as well. Keeping those points in mind, which elite should I unlock first that will let me Open World and get the rest of the hero points relatively easily?

  Asuming you have the expansions, a level 80 core Rev and exotic gear (you can get customizable stats cheaply for weapons in WvW, and armor pieces in WvW/PvP tracks, plus "free" ascended trinkets in S3-S4 maps) you can unlock the 3 elite specs in PvE just doing Hero Points alone in LESS than 4 hours.

  My advice would be gearing in full celestial, and in my opinion the easiest path would be Vindicator or Herald, then the second one then Renegade, and the reason would be because the advantages Vindi has in self sustain and mobility (better cleanses and more mobility overall).

   The gear and weapons of choice would be the same in any spec, so you won't need to change between specs. Typical build:


   If you don't have mounts or gliding my advice would be doing some of the more accessible HPs in End of Dragons, then unlock weapon mastery in the second mission of SotO  to get the short bow, then going Path of Fire and Heart of Thorns. Use pages of the teleport tomes to access to the maps without completing the story mode or just use teleport to a friend.

   Later, if you want to do instanced PvE Herald would be the most meta/demanded spec, but with entirely different gear and build. But my advice is to not run a power Rev build to unlock the specs of the profession, since self sustain in power Rev is limited and solo damage in power stats against HPs is quite mediocre, specially against those ones in HoT whichhave large amounts of armor. Celestial or TB cuts through them like a white hot knife in cheese.

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I'll play the devil's advocate here and say "Renegade".

  1. It's simple - far simpler than Herald or Vindicator.
  2. Shortbow (best ranged rev weapon) is here. If you don't own the latest xpac, you can get it only here.
  3. it gets a massive tankyness upgrade soon - Vindication trait will let you heal for % of damage dealt
  4. It has build in 33% bonus crit chance (if endurance bar full) - giving you room for tanky power builds (Valkyrie, Crusader, Cavalier etc gear instead of glassy zerker).

Just go Jalis and retribution (to ensure enemies don't ping pong you and you got some damage reductions) build whatever you like (both power and condi work well) and go ham on open world content.

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Herald gets my pick!

it opens so many doors as support, dps and boon giver.

permanent quickness, fury, swiftness, protection, and 25 stacks of might,

incredible sustain and high damage,

all of the above, all at the same time. 😄

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