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Should (all) older stuff be still worth getting/unlocking?

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A question I have asked myself every now and then. For the festival food they made an attempt to actually make it worth getting the recipes. (Vs. just being able to buy it super cheap at the TP cause it used to drop at bags.) Now things can still become cheap if they are not bound and a recipe is expensive and a lot of people just produce and sell so it might be better to not buy the recipe but only the finished product at the TP.

Other thing we have are the old recipes for weapons. Exotic stuff. Sometimes also ascended stuff. But there are so many other options nowadays and you can go for legendary (unlocking all stats combos for free swapping) - not really interesting to gather (for example) the weapon recipes from like ... Lake Doric (has some if I remember correctly). I still try to slowly go for completion there.

(Oh and I think they cost laurels and I am still getting all the laurals I can but there could be more/better uses for them.)

With the homestead in the next expansion I already fantasized how it would be fun to have NPCs working there doing some farming (to generate a different currency) or about using this for PvP-like stuff (hiring guards and then letting them fight vs other players guards or stuff like that).

At least a bookshelf or achievements for unlocking recipe collections (not for fully crafting - if things are without unique skins) would be fun. (Just for the achievement section without having to own the homestead.)

But imo there could be a lot of options - even for other games that would integerate with GW2. (In the past I once fantasized about a collectible card game where unlocking stuff in GW2 would give you rare cards/characters.)

As for minis and recipes (for weapons/stats) I think this would be fun to actually have something in game to give the more use. Especially for the recipes that might not be used anymore at all. Like .. some game mode that I already mentioned earlier: where you hire NPCs ... equipping them with gear but only the unlocked recipes would be available. (With a different currency though. Nobody wants to spend tons of stuff to craft that anymore. 😄 (That mats already have mostly other sources to waste them on. Gobblers and stuff. instead of turning the bloodstone dust into bricks and vision crystals that can be used for ascended to craft.)

Of course there is the point in wanting to catch up fast. (And they also mainyl market the latest expansion.) But the later expansions give faster access to Skyscale + good elite specs ... making it easy to do the older stuff in the game. (Not that hard to get the currency to actually unlock recipes.)

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I don't think they could make all items worth getting for all players, because everyone will have different priorities. The only reason I've ever made a legendary weapon was because I liked the skin, and I have no intention of making all the weapons I use, because I don't want legendary skins for all of them, whereas other people will tell you legendaries are absolutely the most important things you can get and should be your first long-term goal. Meanwhile I spend a lot of time and effort collecting mini pets, and other people collect crafting recipies because they want all of them unlocked. A lot of players will get items purely for the skin, even if the item itself is useless (like getting an exotic weapon when they already have a legendary).

I don't think you, or anyone else, needs to care about every item in the game, you certainly don't need to get ones you don't want just because they're available. But I think it's important that Anet keep all the items available for players who do want them.

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I enjoy the collections and achievements, gives me reasons to revisit areas.  I purposefully go for some of the skins.  It's subjective as to what each person enjoys.  I'm still crafting different map weapon sets for collections, even though I have legendaries.  It's fun. 

I really hope people aren't fantasizing and building up too much about player housing.  I wouldn't expect much other than maybe finally a bookshelf and some things to add to it from achievements.  Don't set yourself up for disappointment.

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