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How to heal or tank on Warrior (berserker)


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1. Don't take any rage skills.

2. Take the heal shout. It gives 30 adrenaline, allowing you to get into berserk mode as soon as you're in combat.

3. Weapon swap constantly. You get get more bursts off and cap out quickness easily. My other set it mace/warhorn. Warhorn 4 also gives 4 seconds of quickness @100% boon duration, so it's a good little addition. Mace 2 (double-cast) helps you get adrenaline before weapon swapping, or getting another mace burst in (if you need CC).

4. When you inevitably lose berserk-mode, weapon swap, use the burst skill with 1 bar of adrenaline (this still triggers heat the soul), use the heal shout again (never use it while in berserk mode), re-enter berserk mode, weapon swap to staff, and burst.

5. Repeat. You will only have 6 seconds out of berserk every time you lose it, unless there's another mechanic going on. Your subgroup will not lose any boons during this time.

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