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Action Camera Targeting


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I have been using the action camera a lot recently but there is one major problem with it, and that comes down to targeting. When creatures are close to me I have to aim my camera down to target them which feels very clunky and weird. I played a lot with the camera near and far distance, but I think what is really needed is the ability to move the cross-hair position. At the moment the cross-hair is in the middle of the screen, but when I am using action cam with would be nice if I could adjust it (for example I would like to make it a bit lower than the center of the screen).

See in this image the cross-hair is above the Skritt and so if I try to use a targeting ability I will not be able to hit it.http://oi66.tinypic.com/25zpdlv.jpg

If I lower my camera a bit I can hit it, but this can feel unnatural, especially since the cross-hair is still way above the Skritt even though I have it targeted now.http://oi67.tinypic.com/fodlkm.jpg

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Yes, we all have the same problem. the crosshair moves up as we zoom out. In some meta events or raid and fractal bosses, the fov moves itself making the cross so high its impossible to aim at character's location even look literally down. There should be an option to set crosshair's location above the character's head like the commander tag regardless of how close/far the game zooms in or out.



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