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reduce Energy Expulsion CD Duration by 50% (centaur stance elite skill)

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15 Seconds Cd duration on Energy Expulsion (centaur elite skill) was too much overnerf in WvW.

Reduce this CD by 50% 7-8 seconds CD instead of 15... . Then you can atleast use it twice under 10 seconds before switching. 

Making it useage only once per stance switch was TOO heavy nerf.

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10 hours ago, Lionwait.4815 said:

I agree it was too much of a nerf but I rather they work on fixing this boon meta crap in WvW.

Yes they will fix the boon crappy meta to more boon spam by shortening the CD's on skills that vomit boons  so players can get perma boons faster if boons got removed, sooooon..........


U guys still belive that santa is real?

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