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optimization needs to be done again, its ridiculous

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im running 14600k at 5.3ghz fixed  and 3070.  and i stand still looking towards amnytas spiral center from any of the other bastion.... and stable 75 fps drops to 43fps  permanently. with no one around me. this is a joke.......this cant be real. might as well delete the map at this point. im not looking forward to new exp n maps knowing youll put more assets and particles on a not optimized system just so i can exp more fps killer spots.........why am i paying money for this sigh..................facepalm. my 14th gen cpu cant run 12yr old game 

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True true we need better optimization, especially on core maps where new players start and old players hang out or do map completion
Don't tell me they can't because it is an "old game", bruh FFXIV was released in 2010 and GW2 in 2012 but they just had an Optimization and Graphic update just Months ago.

PS:What's with the confused emote? cant afford a better PC for a new gen graphics GW2? 😉 

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