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With spear coming into the game, Will we ever see a 1 hand variant?

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with that being said, will there be more underwater weapons changed into terrestrial weapons as well. What are some weapons that you would want to see added to the game and or changed. For me i want to see a 1 handed spear or javelin, We already have the animation in the game for throwing spears with Dragonhunter f1 ability.  

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Not likely. Spears on land are established as two-handed weapons. Some classes will use them (at least in part) as ranged/throwing weapons. Should be getting a new reveal today. Some classes will probably lean heavier into the ranged aspect. Wasn't guardian this time.

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In the past, I've posted the idea of using sceptres on Warrior as Javelins. Some of the sceptre skins look like spears, so those would work fine with the idea.

Other skins may look silly being thrown, but so does Kasmeer's Staff when used by a Warrior, Revenant or Thief.

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