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[EU] Looking for new guild that was only recently-ish created

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Hi everyone, I'm looking for a EU guild that has not been around for long and is still more or less in the build-up phase, maybe a maximum of 1 year in existence. I enjoyed being there for this early development phase of a guild in other games and would like to experience it in GW2 as well. It's a fun way to get to know people, work together towards a common goal and building up a community instead of joining a large established group or just a huge guild with 100+ members where nobody really knows each other.

The guild's aim should be to foster a social community where people enjoy playing and hanging together on Discord voice chat while playing. I play almost everyday nowadays, but as the times of the day where I can play vary, there shouldn't be any pressure to play everyday or be online during certain times of the day. And no tolerance for discrimination or hateful behaviour within the guild, that should go without saying.

Content-wise I'm more interested in PvE at the moment. I'm a returning player (played a bit way back at launch and then also a little bit in 2018 and 2020) so I don't have a lot of expirience (or forgot a lot after not playing for so long) with fractals, raids or strikes, but I'm very willing to learn! I'd be interested to play WvW and PvP as well at some point, even though I've never really tried that (dipped my toes in WvW a bit a long time ago and enjoyed it, but never returned to it).

I have two level 80 characters (ranger and thief) and I'm working towards getting full ascended gear for them at the moment (only missing two armor pieces and weapons). I have every expansion except SoTO, but I'll buy that once I'm done with the EoD story (or maybe earlier if it goes on sale).

About me: I'm male, I speak German and English and agewise I'm nearing the end of my 20s 🫣

Send me a message here or in-game (abeokez.7695) if it sounds like I could be a nice addition to your guild! 🙂

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