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Outnumbered but there is a queue?

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you are outnumbered if there are i think more than 3 times as many opponents on the map than your team (counting both enemy teams together)

the buff indication if you are currently outnumbered does not change in real time but with the war score ticks, so every 5 minutes.

queue of 1 can also be a fake queue, someone that has not accepted their queue, as the time given to do that is way too long.

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but there is a queue of one person

This "1" is a visual bug that exists forever now and occurs from time to time (highest number I have seen so far: 69 queue + outnumbered). In reality there isn't a queue. It is still possible to enter the map.

In case you find some desynced dollies or you wonder why Speldan is never contested: It's all bugs.

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The 1 queue thing might not be a bug, but someone who hasn't accepted their queue pop for a long time. So they are still in the queue, but there are still open positions available. 

The other way it can happen is if a lot of people leave a map and your team enters the map slowly. 

There was one instance where our server intentionally trolled the EBG players by queuing the map on purpose and never accepting the queue pop. The result of this was a 50+ queue with only like 20 people in the map. 

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