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Annual Rainbow Haka and Skiff Race!

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Calling all warbands and gladium! Join us for the 3rd Only Fangs Rainbow Haka & Skiff Race! This Sunday, June 16th noon EST/4 pm UTC, on [NA] servers!Β 

Meet us in Lions Arch for some synchronized dancing on a rainbow flotilla, with a LIVE concert by [SONG], before racing around the Bays of LA! Prizes for *every member of the crew*, so bring your friends to boost your speed!

Afterwards we'll mingle in the underground animal bar in Western Ward, drinking our hooch from Dragon Bash while prizes get sent out, and share hype for the official Tyria Pride marches next weekend!Β 

Prizes go to the ENTIRE crew of each placing skiff and include:
250 mystic coins
250 globs of ectos
5 crystal shard kitesΒ 
75 un-id'ed dyes
40 Large Fangs
40 Vicious Fangs
50 dolphin tonics
50 shark tonics
50 koi tonics

Hope to see you there - ONE CHARR!!!Β πŸ’œπŸ’™πŸ’šπŸ’›πŸ§‘πŸ’–

*This event is also part of the Tyria Solidarity campaign, raising funds for the Rainbow Railroad. You can donate to the cause here:* https://tiltify.com/+tyria-pride/tyriapride

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