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[EcK]Elite Contract Killers|Thief Only♤WvW Main Guild and Thief Only PvX Content With An Alliance

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Set as your WvW guild for the Alliances. CUTE, SFC, ECK, DETH, BOOK and CC! Let's have fun!


You must select CHZ guild in your Guild panel to run with this alliance. Go to your guild panel and there is a button that says Set as WVW Guild. Make sure you are rep'n CHZ when u select it. You are set once you do that.

You must have 2 guild slots open. 1 for EcK, which you will be repping while on thief AND playing with us within wvw, we own your Thief so loyalty goes a long way. If not on thief currently it is free rep. If not in WvW currently rep whomever and also if not on thief.

2 for CHZ guild which is the alliance guild. Must rep CHZ them set it as main wvw guild before end of week. This ensures you are able to join the alliance. Do not leave CHZ/EcK or you may lose a foothold until the reset after next.

Several snowcrows and maybe 1 or 2 Anet Devs are in guild, show respect and ask questions only within #general on Discord. Discord Verification and role selection is required : https://discord.com/invite/bMMhfHZ2F9

PVE thieves will use the discord but not required to join the guild as the pve section of EcK community play with streamers and we understand the other guilds you play with may need you to represent them.

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