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Beetle Racing 4 tracks event! Chavy Tour Madness Extravaganza

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Legends says, that a new island has risen from the depths.
Leyendas de la isla has been told by none other than @Chavyjav !
To add to the legend, we must now throw out beetles into the mix! Therefore I'm happy to announce the Inauguration Chavy Cup!

This cup will have a prizepool of a whopping 1500 gold!!!

The 1500 gold will be distributed amongst the top 10 placements on the leaderboard, with the best times on the four different halls:

Dragon Fight [LEY]
Babylons Pass [BAEL]
Seasons Tour [GUIA]
Maguuma Expressway [INDI]

You have got until the 27th of July to make your best impact on the legend!

The 27th of July?? Why does that sound familiar? - That somehow fits perfectly with the hexanual CTME event!!
So why not finish off this cup with a Chavy Tour Madness Extravaganza?!

You thought 1500g was crazy? Then wait untill you see what Chavy has dished up for this one.

We will race on the four tracks above, and compete for some insane prizes:

1st Place = 1 Legendary Greatsword [Aurene's Bite]
2nd Place = 1 Infusion [Enchanted Music Box]
3rd Place = 300 [Mystic Coin]

What are you waiting for?? Get rolling!!!

Invite to Halls to Race here. https://discord.gg/gsu2TUGz

Competitive Beetle tracks are listed here. https://www.beetlerank.com/cup/chavycup

Download Speedometer here. https://github.com/killer415tv/gw2_speedometer#install


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