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[US] Noobie looking for a more laid back environment

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Im looking for a guild to play with on occasion. I work a lot and juggle a few other games as well. But I'm at least active twice a week. Usually active later at night around 11pm EST or later. I'm not too familiar with the game. My main is a 71 warrior. I have an 80 but that was boosted for the raptor mount lol.

Fit is the most important thing. I'm 34 and Im looking for more of an adult guild with a laid back environment. I partake in the devils lettuce when I play, but I try not to annoy anyone by talking about it all the time. I only bring it up because i tend to be more reserved or quiet after I indulge myself. I would like to try the different content such as dungeons, raids, and whatever else PVE content that I didn't list. I'm just not interested in the try-hard element anymore.

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