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[NA][WVW][NEW] Learn W V W Here is recruiting! EST, FITE alliance

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[NEW] Learn W V W Here is recruiting! We are seeking players who are flexible and eager to learn new builds and tactics to work into our roster for our runs. We do require that members represent the guild when running with us and join in discord, but we don't care about PVE so rep whatever you want there. Joining voice comms, running with our guild when in wvw, and playing a build/class that aid the group are expected of members. We have fully upgraded our guild hall, complete with WvW XP and other buffs, as well as our training Arena. NEW has our most active membership mainly in the NA evenings.

We are members of the [FITE] alliance. You will need 2 guild slots to be able to join us in the bold new World Restructuring system.



Monday 8pm closed guild run

Tuesday 8pm EST open run

Thursday 8pm EST open run

Saturday 2pm EST open run


Discord: https://discord.gg/JU4GRhWAzm

IGN: Yolaus Kriff.3465

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