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Spear animation an visual effects

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First of , i'm mostly ok with war ranged spear

( the two points i think are let down,  the backward dodge, on a weapon who do more dmg the closer you get, it should not be a thing,

and the fact it has no condi variation,  why can we have more condi gameplay on war).

But my main sticking point is, this is beyond barebone in term of animation and visual effects.

I know warrior is minimalist compared to other class in this departement.

But seriously, can we have some flashyness, some trail, some sparkles.

Because to me these look like after thougths from leftover from over classes.

This weapon is supposed to be linked too the sun spear,

where is this theme in this weapon ? where sun, where parangon, lightbringer, kormir even, ...

Where are the cool visuals ?

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5 hours ago, Lan Deathrider.5910 said:

There was a spear chucking nuke, and a rain of spears falling onto the target on another of the two skills in the video. I wouldn't call that expressly basic levels of animation.

Agreed here. Visuals were not of any concern to me. I felt it made it flashy in a way that wasn’t a light show vomit that other classes are. It felt very Warrior-esque. Especially the jump and throw a spear so hard it explodes.

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