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Build Necromancer Minion Master Solo Open Word

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The Build aims to make a safe game in Open World for players who are just starting out and like building summons/Minions, jumping against map bosses and whatever else without fear of dying (you just can't hit while standing still, some locations are on the ground it is full of high damage skills, and if you stay still you die, so walking around using skill 1 is vital). The concept is simple, apply as many conditions as possible to the enemy, based on bleeding. For those who have never used the build, it will surprise, especially those players who have difficulty playing in the open world, facing solo bosses or map missions/events that by default inform that they are in a group.

Suggestions: Anyone who has suggestions that could make this build more powerful (in terms of survival or damage without losing the safe and solo characteristics of the game), please speak up, it will be very welcome.


  • Weapon: Scepter + Dagger | Staff
  • Set: Full Celestial (Armor, Weapon, accessories)
  • Relic: Relic of Fractal (or Sunless)
  • Rune: Superior Rune of Trapper (or Afflicted)
  • Sigil: Superior Sigil of Bursting (Scepter | Staff)  | Superior Sigil of Earth (Dagger | Staff)
  • How it works:
    • Minions:
      • +25% damage Minion
      • +50% Health Minion
      • Transfers all conditions that are on the necromancer to the enemy (Amplifying the DPS potential of the summons), the reuse to transfer the condition again is 10s for each minion, if you have 6 minions it will transfer 6 conditions every 10s. This makes the necromancer even tankier and makes the game even safer.
      • Minions only inherit the player's Condition Damage, Condition Duration, and Boon Duration attributes. Conditions applied by minions are counted as being applied by the Necromancer, which is important for traits like Parasitic Contagion and Corrupter's Fervor. All other attributes, such as health, are determined by the minion type.
    • Receives 10% less damage when the carapace is at 10
    • 30 de Carapaça (+600 Armor based on the number of minions on the field and Conditions in Enemy)
    • Strong "steal of life" (Vampiric, Life Siphon, % Condition damage heals necromancer)
    • Powerful Barrier gain (2~6.5k)
    • Protection Spam (-33%  Incoming damage)
    • Get to solo Boss Champion, for example the Champion Rise Wraith located in Orr (On the map)
    • The DPS of the exotic set is around 12~13k.
      • 50% damage from a Berserker Mechanist build (a full Legendary set is 20~25k DPS and 30~35k if use build Condition)
      • But it will defeat enemies calmly, without dying or having spikes in damage. adrenaline and in practice he doesn't miss that damage. We have recorded damage of 35~40k in "Glass Cannon" builds, but these are builds 100% focused on damage with FULL BUFF (+Extra buffs from the instacia, etc.), with rotations of 10~15 skills that cannot fail.
      • If you use Blood is Power (Utility Skill) instead of  Summon Bone Minions the DPS increases by 1K (13~14k dps) in this build, on a single target (Excellent against bosses). As summons transfer all the conditions they receive to the enemy, this greatly increases your DPS with the minions distributing your conditions. It's a slight change that practically doesn't affect anything in the build, as reaching 30 carapace, etc., stays the same.
        • Well of Suffering or Well of Darkness may be interesting options, but using the standard build gives basically the same DPS on a single target if you try one of these two skills.
      • Set Celestial or Viper?
        • The difference in DPS is 10~20%. If with Viper the DPS is 15k with Celestial it would be between 12~13.5k DPS, a difference in practice of 2.5~3k DPS. For the Open world it is not a difference that is really worth it, as the loss in survival is absurd, it is exchanging immortality for a handful of damage that in practice does not even feel a difference, it is not worth it.
    • Status (Full Buff  and Combat)
      • Power:  2,649
      • Life Force Pool: 0
      • Toughness: 2,199
      • Armor:  3,119
      • Vitality: 1,679
      • Health: 26,202
      • Precision: 1,779
      • Critical Chance: 67,09%
      • Ferocity: 599
      • Critical Damage: 189,9%
      • Condition Damage: 2,255
      • Healing Power: 749
      • Expertise: 563
      • Condition Duration: 47,53% (87,53% Bleending and 57,53% Poisoned)
      • Concentration: 563
      • Boon Duration: 37,53%

Note:  It might be interesting to reduce the number of minions using some utility? I don't know, I'm thinking.

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There's an interesting interaction worth mentioning where Necrotic Corruption (transfer condis from you to minions) with Relic of Nayos where the transferred condi procs the Relic and heals you, which procs Blood Bank and gives more barrier, making you even tankier and bulkier. With 6 minions out, that's 6 procs per 10s.

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