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Scrapper or Holo for Open World?


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Ok, yea, i know Mech is out there as well but just not a fan of them, not sure what it is.

So wanting to crack out Engi again (played way back before Holo) and am curious as to which performs the "best". I usually follow alot of what Hizen has put out but he is not a fan of Scrapper for some reason, but I still think it can be ok for open stuffs. Holo to me is a strong raid spec, and alot of work, lol. But how is it running around? With what we have seen thus far in terms of Engi spears it looks like they might shine with Scrapper, what with fields and such?

So let me know what works for you!  Cheers!    😉

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If you want to play power, scrapper wins because of his damage to shield conversion, superspeed, 2 extra water fields to blast when you need extra healing (if you line up all the blast and leap finishers that you can, you can heal yourself for upwards of 12k with medic gyro+finishers while running full berserker gear), quickness if you want it and a stun break that you get for "free" by slotting Blast Gyro (which you would probably want to run anyway).

If you want to play condi, holo wins, because you can effectively utilize celestial or trailblazer gear that will make you much tankier than whatever damage to shield conversion and extra healing that scrapper offers. Also on condi holo the suicide mechanic is less severe than on power holo, and Heat Therapy generally makes up for whatever HP you lose from overheating, so it's not as punishing if you decide to look at what's happening around you instead of gluing your eyes to the heat bar. That suicide mechanic is why I avoid power holo like a plague everywhere, not just in open world.

Though personally I prefer a celestial Juggernaut condi mech build. It has better passive healing, permanent stability and flamethrower going brr is priceless. Also you can hit things through walls with it. I suppose you can make a Juggernaut power scrapper build, but I don't think it will be anywhere near as good in terms of DPS since only the flamthrower autoattack scales well with power. But I haven't tried it myself recently, so maybe that's an option?

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For open world, I run power Holosmith (sword and shield) with healing turret, spectrum shield, Thumper turret, Hard light arena, and prime light beam. Gives me 4 defiance breaks, two recoveries, and a aoe pull. With Ascended Celestial gear, I tear the living crap out of anything before it can touch me, and the barrier I gain makes me stronger, the more enemies I have around me. There isn't a whole lot that lives long enough for condi builds to have a great effect. I have a lot of fun with this style of play. The downside is no ranged attacks, and many hobbles, which I use relic of the water to counter.

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