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Not one, but two of the 5 of the aquatic Harbinger Shroud skills are still bugged and disfunctional

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Just a friendly reminder that 2 of the 5  aquatic Harbinger Shroud skills remain unusable since the very first beta of EoD.

In particular, aquatic Harbinger Shroud skill #4  ("Voracious Dive") does not work at all. If you attempt to use this skill, your character will instead cast "Gathering Plague", which is the aquatic Death Shroud skill #4 of the Core Necromancer. As far as I know, the Devs aknowledged their awareness of this bug ~2 years ago already, but ever since then nothing has happened.

The other disfunctional skill is aquatic Harbinger Shroud skill #3, which according to tooltip should move your character forward towards your target, but instead you just stand still and don't hit anything. Clearly not working as intended and this skill, too, has been like this since the first EoD beta. 

Again I implore the devs to at least aknowledge that they haven't just forgotten this stuff.




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