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[NA/WvW] Triad of Assassins [ToA] Recruiting!!

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Triad of Assassins [ToA] is recruiting Veteran/New comp players. We are a friendly, adult-oriented, tight knit, fight-focused group with moderate PPT. We are seeking players who are flexible and willing to learn our builds/tactics to work into our comp. [ToA] currently runs 20ish and looking to grow to 25-30. We have a fully upgraded guild hall, complete with WvW XP and other buffs, as well as completed Arena. Comms are required but talking is not (Discord Listed Below). Contact IG (Alpha Mayle.6254)

[ToA] Triad of Assassins WvW Raid Times:

Mon - 9:00pm Est - 11:00pm Est

Tues - 9:00pm Est - 11:00pm Est

Thur - 9:00pm Est - 11:00pm Est

Friday Reset 10:00pm Est - No Content

Sat - 9:00pm Est - 11:00pm Est


Shadows of Rall [SoR] Alliance:


DISCORD: https://discord.gg/Uh2pVFyuPG

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