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How many WvW teams are there now? Help me out please

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I currently know of

1) Red: Hall of Judgement
2) Blue: De Molish
3) Green: Lagula's Kraal

If anybody is aware of any other teams please speak up and say all 3 + color. I'll update the main post

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5 tiers (15 teams) for the NA region
6 tiers (18 teams) for the EU region

that is 1 more tier then we used to have per region.

edit for the specific teams, EU region should be:

tier 1
R - Grekvelnn Burrows
B - Fortune's Vale
G - Ettin's Back

tier 2
R - Grenth's Door
B - Palawadan
G - Kormir's Library

tier 3
R - Domain of Anguish
B - Great House Aviary
G - Draggrimar

tier 4
R - Gyala Hatchery
B - Melandru's Dome
G - Silent Woods

tier 5
R - Bloostone Gulch
B - Bava Nisos
G - Temple of Febe

tier 6
R - Mirror of Lyssa
B - Skrittsburgh
G - Frost Citadel

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Sorry for the bad formatting.  It's from discord.

Tier 1 - View Map - View Guilds
 Mithric Cliffs (Sanctum of Rall)
 Mosswood (Darkhaven)
 Dwayna's Temple (Jade Quarry)

Tier 2 - View Map - View Guilds
 Hall of Judgment (Sorrow's Furnace)
 De Molish Post (Isle of Janthir)
 Lagula's Kraal (Crystal Desert)

Tier 3 - View Map - View Guilds
 Abaddon's Prison (Fort Aspenwood)
 Tombs of Drascir (Maguuma)
 Domain of Torment (Yak's Bend)

Tier 4 - View Map - View Guilds
 Yohlon Haven (Henge of Denravi)
 Moogooloo (Anvil Rock)
 Ruined Cathedral of Blood (Ehmry Bay)

Tier 5 - View Map - View Guilds
 Lutgardis Conservatory (Stormbluff Isle)
 Throne of Balthazar (Gate of Madness)
 Rall's Rest (Borlis Pass)

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