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Skritttsburg give it back!!!!

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you want some Mossywood? we can be open to keeping Moogoolo and giving you Mosswood for Skrittsburgh but Hall of Judgement for Dragimmar now here near fair trade.    Why would we trade a premier server, the Bugatti of servers if you will, like Hall of Judgment for a Toyota named Dragimmar.  


Maybe if you offer up Domain of Anguish we can have a convo.  

Best we offering for Dragimmar is Dwanya Temple 

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13 hours ago, TheGrimm.5624 said:

Skrittsburg....who wouldn't when your war chant could be "They ran from skritt!". 

As usual with Skritt: It's the amount of skritt that matters 🙂  (currently on Skrittburgh and we urgently need some more Skritt 🙂 to have anyone running away from us )

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