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Why is there still a World Selection that charges Gems

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23 minutes ago, Lyssia.4637 said:

Was just wondering this myself today, actually.  It doesn't move you out of your currently assigned world in WvW, does it, as of now?

It shouldn't affect your currently assigned world unless you were transferring between regions, like NA -> EU.

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Huh.  Was wondering if it served as a "reroll," randomly placing you in a new world.  Otherwise, the gem cost seems pretty inexplicable, within a region.  I'd think they'd want to disable it, so people weren't using it, finding nothing changed, then demanding their gems back. 🤷‍♀️

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1 hour ago, ArchonWing.9480 said:

The current beta system is just plastered over the previous system. In fact, you can still mouse over people in squad and find out which server they came from.

That's what got me curious in the first place.  In the "Friends" menu, a friend was still showing up as Ferguson's Crossing beneath their name, and then I noticed the World Transfer button was still there.

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