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"Empowered Eparch's Sword & Greatsword" don't unlock skin in wardrobe

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Hi, I dropped "Empowered Eparch's Greatsword" in 100cm. I then salvaged it and wanted to try the skin later. I have now realized that the skin is not unlocked in the wardrobe. I also can see that the two empowered swords from BLING-9009 don't have the text line: "Skin unlocked" or "Skin locked". So I guess they forgot to put them in the wardrobe.


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On 6/26/2024 at 12:23 AM, Dux.9803 said:

It was fixed, but the skin wasn't added afterwards. Guess I need to drop it again.

Yeah same here.... odds are low, I imagine the drop rate 🙄

There's always something wrong with new fractal skins, the "last words" was bugged during severals month...


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